About Us

As long as I can remember, I have been immensely proud to be a Texan. Not to diminish how proud I am to be an American, but like many others, I am a Texan first. It is that Texas spirit in me (and the loving faith and support of my wife, Camille) that led me to risk everything to move to my wife’s hometown of Athens and pursue my dream of opening a barbecue joint.

Texas barbecue is like nothing else in the world. It is our food, and, in my honest (biased?) opinion, Texas barbecue is the pinnacle of the barbecue world! When Camille and I first seriously talked about moving to Athens, she asked what I was going to do there, and I half-jokingly said that I might open a burger place. After all, Athens is the historic birthplace of the hamburger. We kicked the idea around a little, and then one day, she said: “You know if we are going to do this, you should do barbecue … it’s what you really love.” I was sold!

We want to thank Fran Curtin and Athens Boathouse, as well as Sunny Moberg and Moberg Smokers, for helping us get this dream started! We love feeding Athens, Lake Athens, and the surrounding areas. Once you come see us, you are family, and our promise is to do everything in our power to provide our family with excellent barbecue, good music, and an atmosphere you can only find in the great State of Texas!

Please feel free to read more about us and our story below. I, for one, love these backstories and don’t mind sharing ours.

All You Want to Know


Our Family

I met my wonderful wife, Camille, about eight years ago at a bar in Dallas where she proceeded to pick me up … I knew she had good taste from the start.

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Most educated man in barbecue?

Please understand, I am not bragging when I ask myself that … more making fun of myself. And when I say “educated” I mean it from a traditional education standpoint…


Smoky B Logo and Name

So why Smoky B and what’s with the strange B? Well, that B came way before the name.


BBQ and Finances

So here is the personal part … I grew up in a wonderful, loving family that also included a very loving…


Our smokers

Over the years, I have owned or cooked on a number of different stick burners, but nothing like the two 500-gallon Moberg Smokers we have now.